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International exchange of experiences – Topics: Smart grid and electromobility

SAVE THE DATE: 14. Oktober 2020 / Online-Veranstaltung E-Mobilitätscluster Regensburg

The first transnational pilot on October 14, 2020,  will start a series of three virtual online transnational technology transfer workshops with experts from the Chain Reactions Consortia.

The technology tranfers workshops are organized by the R-Tech GmbH and two partners from Gliwice and Pilsen with relevant contribution of the two other project partners. The workshops will be organized virtually by online cloud tools. The transfer focusses on cross sectoral topics, the sector electromobility and the sector energy systems.Each partner will take care to organize one expert for each of this three workshops. By this methology external knowledge can be spread most efficiently. The workshops are organized virtually, and are open to all member of the Chain Reactions partners and to its local Innovation Grow Alliances, Clusters and R&D Networks.

The workshops will be structured in a presentation held by a local expert, a Question & Answers session and a concluding idea generation session. In order to maximize the output generated by the workshops and to promote the transfer of ideas to practical projects, various methodological tools are integrated. The focus of the first workshop will be on the analysis of the participating companies current situation, the evaluation of their different capabilities and the market situation. The second and third workshops are designed to use the knowledge gained from this analysis for the development of business ideas. This ideation and development phase forms the foundation of new projects and business collaborations. To conclude, the expected outpout should include potential business ideas, value propostions and a portfolio of new technologies with potential.

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