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5. Emobility Symposium

 22. November 2018 / Ljubljana / Photo: Mitte: slowenische Ministerin für Infrastruktur Alenka Bratušek

For the fifth consecutive year, Emobility will organize a symposium about e-mobility. It will take place in Ljubljana, Slovenia on 22nd of November. The Symposium will be organized in cooperation with the Slovenian Ministry of Infrastructure.

In five years, many lecturers from Slovenia and abroad have taken a stand at the stage. They came from different regions of e-mobility: from people who create politics, manufacturers of charging infrastructure, automotive infrastructures, people who transform petrol cars to electric, providers of electricity, users of e-mobility, battery researchers …

E-mobility congress is the oldest, biggest and most professional symposium on topic of e-mobility in wider region.

Veröffentlicht am 23. November 2018