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Altilium Magna

Altilium Magna is a predictive battery analytics startup founded in 2019. We originate from the University of Chile Battery Research Lab. Our goal is to implement battery analytics algorithms based on our latest academic research in commercial applications.

The core of our technology is the Neural Adaptive State Space Model (NASSM), that is capable of accurately estimating and prognosticating available power from operational data, while continuously inferring and adapting to battery State of Health.

  • Battery Energy Prognosis: Predicting the remaining energy in the battery, while adapting to the actual usage profile. Ex: predicting the range of an electric bus on a specific route.
  • Discharge Power Prediction: Predicting the maximum available power and enabling explicit risk management of high-demand usage profiles. Ex: predict with 95% confidence that a degraded electric bus will be able to go up a steep hill.
  • State of Health Management: Evaluate and forecast battery degradation. Ex: planning maintenance and resale value of a degraded electric bus.

Our Capabilities: Hardware Design, Software Design, System Integration, Exploratory Analytics, Control & Automation, Research & Development.

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Veröffentlicht am 16. September 2020